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Updated: Jun 6, 2019

For running any business, the hiring process does a major role. What ever the recruiter is, He might be the CEO of a Multi-National Company or an HR of a company or a key person in his small business. They have to recruit the employee at a certain point in time. Hiring the right person for the job is tough if you are not aware of proper recruiting a strategy that you should plan before recruiting i.e according to Appe Technology-  Recruiter in Hyderabad

"Never hire someone who knows less than you do about what he's hired to do."-

- Malcolm Forbes

6 Recruitment Strategies to help you improve the hiring process 

1. Develop your Brand:

Create a brand value for the company in the market, that is which it separates you from your competitors. Your brand value shows the candidates the reason they should work for you. Your brand value should reflect your companies mission, vision, culture, and values adopted.

Apart from creating a brand value in the external environment. There should be some questions that you should think about. 

1. Whether your employees will refer others to work in your company as a great place to work with?

2. What makes someone to work for your company

2. Preparing job posts that could reflect your company:

Your Job post was the first impression that the candidate will have of you. Your posts should be well organized and professional. Be sure how you wanted the candidate to see the post as, like a Strictly business firm or making the job post funny. This will help you get more applications and attract more people who would fit in with your company culture.

3. Social Media:

Social recruiting is the major source of recruiting these days. All the major companies are recruiting the right talent for them analyzing the profile they required in various social sites like Naukri, LinkedIn. Many brands have been successful by recruiting through this mean. Be sure to create a presence on social media that will align with your values and employer brand.

4. Invest in an Applicant Tracking System:

An Applicant Tracking System is a software that automates the process of posting jobs and finding the right talent for your company. Applicant Tracking System is a software that could automate the process of posting jobs and finding qualified talent. This includes posting of the job  once at a time in multiple sites with just a click from you. This also could help you in applicant sorting, and interview scheduling.

5. Explore Niche Job Boards:

Depending on the type of job that you are hiring for, sometimes it is difficult to find the right talent on one of the many large job sites. If your company falls into one small or more defined categories, then you can try looking for Niche job boards. These are smaller sites where they do perform recruitment for the same kind of job roles and they do have the community of job seekers.

 6. College Recruitment:

Recruiting from college campuses can help you discover upcoming talent for your industry, while also aligning your company with internship opportunities and campus connections. You can recruit from colleges in many ways, including attending career fairs, volunteering to speak at events for your industry, being featured on campus online job boards, and more.

About us:

Appe Technology is the top recruitment consultant in Hyderabad, providing recruiting services to many businesses. At Appe, we do manage recruitment for business by providing them with suitable man power. As we are the dependent partner to both business as well as the candidate,We provide the best for both of them, by giving the right manpower to the business and right job for the candidate.

So We Appe Technology with a vision to develop mobile applications and providing human resources solutions headquartered in Hyderabad, supporting projects in India and US. We are group of experienced professionals , specialized in providing recruitment services and end to end HR solutions to various industries like IT Software, Engineering, healthcare, BPO, Banking , Civil, Manufacturing, Financial, Technical Support, Retail , Media, Entertainment. With core competence into Junior & Mid-level hiring, our recruitment processes are detailed and thorough to ensure that we hire the right candidate to fill your requirements. We support joining & post joining process, that includes Background verification, induction, documentation process for smooth on-boarding of new hires.

With our vision in HR services we are the best recruiting consultant in Hyderabad and Bangalore..

If any business looking for recruitment partner or candidate looking for a job you can contact us here

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